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Liz Delaney-Klinac
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Courtney Rupe

Courtney Rupe
Head of Social & Digital

Outspoken is a global creative talent management group that specialises in television and radio broadcasters, MCs, speakers, entertainers, digital content creators and digital influencers.

Broadcasters / Presenters

We look after the career opportunities of your favourite names and faces from the world of news and entertainment media.
From veteran radio voices, to primetime television hosts, news anchors and up-and-coming young broadcasters – we represent the very best in the industry.

We take on those that have that extra something special. Not merely a drop in the bucket or a flash in the pan, our broadcasters are of exceptional quality, and in demand for New Zealand’s best shows and opportunities.

Their personalities and professionalism really set them apart. They’re relentlessly committed to their careers, working tirelessly to ensure they give their all on screen or on air each day.

Many of our broadcasters have also successfully carved out additional roles as MCs and social media influencers.


Digital Content & Social Media

Outspoken’s social media division opened in 2012, and quickly became home to New Zealand’s most outstanding and innovative content creators - which it continues to be to this day.

Their unchanging mandate is to create show-stopping content that appeals to the interests, aspirations and challenges of their target audience.

Diverse in age, gender and ethnicity, each of our talent has a strong, unique and authentic voice, and they are known in the industry for taking the extra time and effort to create beautiful, bespoke content for the brands they work with.

Our talent deftly caters to every aspect of exceptional lifestyle content creation - fashion; fitness, health and wellness; sports; parenting; DIY, home renovation and decorating; food and beverage/FMCG; luxury goods and travel are just a few of the sectors our talent specialise in.

With many having been in the industry virtually since its inception, our talent know how crucial it is to meet every aspect of a brief, to deadline.

Our content creators are curious, constantly-evolving and understand the importance of staying current and never resting on their laurels. Originality and innovation are key pillars in all the work our talent produces.

Highly-skilled in photography, many have access to drones and DSLR equipment; additionally they are all able to work with our freelance photographers should clients require premium, advertising-standard content for re-purposing across their own platforms.

Outspoken talent each have an innate understanding of their own particular audience, and maintain a direct line of communication with their communities, regularly engaging in dialogue and feedback with them.

We are constantly seeking to upskill our team, and hold regular face-to-face workshops with them to ensure everyone is up-to-date with social media and advertising trends; retail behaviours and the latest Advertising Standards Authority guidelines.

We are very selective about the content creators we represent; anyone we work with needs to have a proven track record of continued high engagement, reach and impressions.

They, in turn, are discerning about the brands they choose to align with. Our talent pride themselves on only engaging with businesses they feel a sincere connection with, and can truthfully speak to the benefits of a product or service.

Whether it’s a beautifully-shot static you are after; an informative and attention-grabbing story or reel; or media assets your audience can consume through various marketing channels – we can match you to the perfect talent to create original content for your brand.


A great event is incomplete without a compelling speaker. A speaker is a great way to add structure and cohesion to an event, bringing people together, imparting a certain feeling, and leaving them with an unforgettable takeaway.

Motivational, empowering, moving, inspiring or amusing – we have a range of speakers on our books to match the tone of your event, and will work with you to find the right fit.

From professional sportspeople, to authors, veteran broadcasters or inspiring social media stars, our people encompass a range of strengths, topics and stories.

Master of Ceremonies

MC, emcee or Master of Ceremonies – whatever you call it, you need a great one to ensure event success.

A fabulous MC really makes an event. As the person who ties it all together, their role it to ensure everything runs smoothly. A good MC is likeable, flexible, upbeat and confident.

With a knack for skilfully capturing and maintaining the attention of guests, MCs provide introductions and give thanks, direct attendees to useful information, and offer entertainment or anecdotes in between acts.

Although well-meaning staff or family members might assure you they did a great job MCing Aunty Jo’s wedding back in 2004 – sourcing an MC is a job best left to the professionals.

All our MCs are professionally trained, can think on the fly, and always come prepared to ensure the event is a roaring success.  

The majority have a ‘day job’ in broadcasting or comedy, making them confident and professional communicators who are great with people and crowds. They go the extra mile, delivering exceptional and memorable results every time.