The Reeve Nuggets

The Reeve Nuggets
Brand Ambassador, Influencer
Adventure, Animals, Sport, Travel

They say good things come in small packages, and that two is always better than one! Meet the pair proving that logic, Hunter and Oscar Reeve - also dubbed, The Reeve Nuggets.

Identical twin sons of media moguls, Anna and Jay Reeve, this outdoorsy duo are lovers of the beach, anything to do with engines and building things. Avid movie watchers, they also love arts and crafts, creating things and duplo.

At four years old, the twins love being active and having fun. Their favourite song to rock out to is Justin Timberlake's Got the Feeling - which gets them up and dancing every time.

Naturally athletic, their weekends are spent on The Mount's infamous sandy shores. They're members of Beach Kids, where they learn the basics of surf lifesaving and staying safe at the beach.

While they are identical, they certainly have their own personalities and interests.

Hunter loves to sing, create and is very kind and nurturing to people. He has a penchant for all things pretty at the moment, and his favourite toy is his rainbow mermaid Barbie.

Oscar is very sweet and loving - but is a complete daredevil who loves his Transformers.

They may be young but they have a bright future ahead of them - particularly in the social space. Mum Anna manages an Instagram account for the boys, which has grown a strong following and great engagement. They regularly work across social campaigns, creating content which appeals to both parents and children alike.

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