Rawdon Christie

Rawdon Christie

Rawdon is best-known for his five years presenting TVNZ’s Breakfast show, where he interviewed hundreds of guests, from senior politicians and business leaders to international celebrities and sports stars.

His warmth and humour made him the popular morning choice for hundreds of thousands of kiwis - and the show’s ratings lifted by 50% in his first six months; the target audience doubling within 2 years.

Rawdon also produced and presented Breakfast shows from events across New Zealand and around the World, including both the Cricket and Rugby World Cups in 2015.

Today, the engaging and talented communicator is applying his versatility as an MC and speaker. Able to facilitate in a range of situations, Rawdon never finds himself short on words. As a speaker, he tells an inspiring and captivating story and makes a great keynote for any event.

Rawdon’s a passionate story teller who spends his spare time skiing, cycling, playing the piano and trying to make his children laugh.

I recognise Rawdon as one of the most professional MC's I have come across. His planning for an occasion is in-depth, his manner tries to react to the crowd attending and he can be both serious or have some fun depending on the occasion. From raising money for charity to a business network meeting, Rawdon's past career in television certainly comes through and I would recommend him to any company to use his outstanding skills.
Peter Thompson, Managing Director, Barfoot & Thompson
You are unique in my experience of MC's in that you have made the effort to understand our business, and at the conference help us reinforce the messages we want to get over. Many MC's can be entertaining but they can't always hit the right tone for our specific group and can undermine our messages. We have been very fortunate to have had you MC our last 3 annual conferences and hope you'll again be available for 2018.
Chris Caiger, Director, Refresh Renovations
I was so impressed with the way you carried the evening and the humanity, warmth and humour you brought to the occasion engaging and involving everyone in the room. I have experience of many MC's and hosts over the years and I believe you have created a new gold standard. Thank you for your very wonderful contribution to the evening.
Dame Rosie Horton, Supporter, Heart Kids NZ
At the CatWalk SCI Trust 10 year anniversary we wanted excellent MC’s to hold the attention of our record audience of 800 guests. With thanks to our CatWalk Patron Toni Street and Breakfast TV host Rawdon Christie we got exactly that. To engage an audience of that size, entertain them and deliver the important message that we were there to raise funds for spinal cord injury research takes a special type of person. Rawdon was professional but also added humour that was full of surprises to deliver on our request.
Catriona Williams, Founder, Catwalk Trust
Last year we used Rawdon as our Keynote speaker at the Auckland Principal Association’s annual Christmas lunch. Rawdon’s unique ability to galvanize the audience by cleverly weaving his witty humour together with his knowledge of the audience’s industry positions him as an outstanding speaker, and one that our members speak incredibly highly of. In addition to being a guest speaker, we have also used Rawdon to facilitate a political forum on Education. This event was a resounding success due to Rawdon’s skills as a facilitator. He was able to keep the session flowing, ensuring that each MP felt listened to. It is evident from Rawdon’s work with our Association that he is committed to preparing and presenting at the highest level.
Stephen King, Treasurer, Auckland Primary Principal’s Association

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