Makaia Carr

Makaia Carr
After Dinner Speaker, Blogger, Brand Ambassador, Entrepreneur, Host, Panelist, Speaker
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As a business-minded entrepreneur, Makaia Carr is an astute and influential powerhouse - especially when it comes to women, both in business and wellness.

Makaia is one of those charismatic people that you can't help but be drawn to. Her honesty is one of her best assets - and she is unafraid to call it how she see's it. She's naturally tactful, enabling her to tackle some of the tough issues in a sensitive and insightful way. This extends to sharing her own battles with motivation, fitness and mental health - inspiring her tens of thousands of fans to feel comfortable with their stories too.

She unintentionally started to climb the ranks of social influence in 2012 - fast forward a few years, and her following has swelled to well over 160,000 fans. She has become the resident expert for The Am Show, regularly appearing on segments relating to lifestyle, health, and social media.

Makaia's influence further extends into the real world as an in-demand keynote speaker and panelist. Her story is inspiring, and her presence on stage electric - leaving her audience feeling charged and motivated.

Makaia can speak on a broad range of topics, such as:

- Business & entrepreneurship
- Leadership & motivation
- Women's wellness, body positivity & self-love
- Mental health
- The 'other side' of social media

From humble beginnings, Makaia built a strong and successful business around her brand, Motivate Me NZ, which was named "NZ's most successful fitness community". In early 2017, she felt it was time to shake things up in her life, selling the business, opening up some exciting new opportunities.

Makaia uses her social presence to motivate and inspire others in fitness, wellness and business. When she's not sharing workouts, product recommendations and honest blog posts - she hosts the popular Facebook Live segment, Chick Chat, profiling successful female entrepreneurs, and their journeys to success.

Makaia grew up in small town New Zealand (Hawera, Taranaki) and in her previous life was national manager for a popular fashion brand. Now based in Auckland, the role she has built for herself is a full time job.

She’s passionate about public speaking and collaborating with like-minded companies. She's experienced at creating genuine and authentic content for social campaigns, using her warm and approachable manner to take a brief and really bring it to life.

At About Face our Ethos is “ Inspiring women to grow” We have spent 30years motivating and encouraging women in Auckland to be the best versions of themselves. Makaia and her message fitted perfectly in for us. We were lucky enough to have her guest speak at our teams workshop. She was inspiring, engaging and informative. Giving our staff a simple breakdown of ways to set goals, attach themselves to those goals and achieve them. She made our team feel that goals within work and personal life where achievable by speaking about her own life journey. Thanks again Makaia, another strong woman paving the way in New Zealand Business.
Marianna Glucina - Director - About Face
Makaia was lovely! She was hilarious and had a great message which a lot of people (women and men) were interested in. I noticed a number of people taking notes throughout her talk and taking pictures of her presentation to refer back to later. We had a lot of great feedback throughout and following the event specifically praising Makaia and what a great speaker she was. I would definitely recommend Makaia at any event, it was a pleasure to have her! Thank you and Makaia again for everything! The event went so well!
Koren - Orbit

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