Logan Dodds

Logan Dodds
Blogger, Brand Ambassador, Photographer, Videographer, Vlogger
Adventure, Culture and the Arts, Fashion, Health and Lifestyle, Inspirational, Motivational, Social Media, Sport
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When Logan Dodds took off on his big OE in 2015, he didn't realise it would be a career defining moment. Equipped with a new GoPro, Logan thought it would be fun to make a wee video of his travels.

Little did he know it would hit virality - reaching more than 5 million views, get picked up by international media, and earn him a reputation as the hot tradie who ‘broke the internet’.

Since then, Logan has fully embraced his dream life as a travel photographer and videographer. Visiting dozens of countries, capturing breathtaking moments - and teaming up with scores of awesome brands along the way.

Logan strives to jam as much adventure into life as he can. Over the years he's explored California with The Edge and Contiki, launched a ‘Kiwi OE’ campaign with Air New Zealand, and literally taken on the world (Fiji, Hawaii, Norway - and just about every square inch of New Zealand, to name but a few!).

A talented videographer, Logan's content has it's own unique flavour. Combining drones, DSLRs and GoPros, he takes his audience on a journey to jaw-dropping vistas and stunning locations. This has amassed him a super engaged and growing community online, who love keeping up with his every move.

In high demand as a brand ambassador, Logan supports his active lifestyle with a solid trade - plumbing. He's regularly featured in local entertainment media, and always finds himself on the hottest event guest lists around town.

Passionate about creating great content, Logan loves collaborating with like-minded companies on exciting and innovative projects. He's particularly well suited to the travel and lifestyle markets.

He leaves his clients elated by the astounding results he consistently delivers - combining his creativity, experience and equipment to create content that goes above and beyond brand expectations.

He's a skilled videographer, photographer, brand ambassador, personality, presenter and content creator. He's secured himself an extensive and engaged following of experience seeking millennial, primarily in New Zealand, across all his platforms (including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and his blog).

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