Kylie Cushman

Kylie Cushman
Actress, Journalist, TV Presenter
Adventure, Culture and the Arts, Entertaining, Food and Wine, Health and Lifestyle, Inspirational, Travel

Kylie Cushman had her acting debut aged 4 in the role of a munchkin in The Wizard Of Oz. While she’s not sure how she stayed on task at such an early age, or expressed her interest in the role – it was the start of a successful career that unleashed her passion for acting and opened many doors around the globe.

As a child, Kylie and her brother disappeared after breakfast to explore with their pet magpie, Little One, only returning in time for dinner. Born to liberal parents, Kylie had the freedom to develop her own ideas and when she wasn’t eating main meals she’d be out exploring, kayaking and saving wild animals.

Fast forward to today and Kylie is now a trained having studied in both Sydney and London. She’s starred in everything from an M&M commercial to Love Actually and has gradually made the natural shift into presenting. As a presenter, she’s a natural and uses her love and interest in people to create engaging content, more often than not on the fly. Whether it’s on the red carpet at Cannes, or in a capsicum factory – Kylie’s fascinated with meeting new people and has the natural ability to bring out interesting material.

When she’s not working in her dream job, Kylie writes children’s books and is passionate about getting behind the camera, directing and producing documentaries. She’s a busy mother of two, and since returning to New Zealand more than four years’ ago has been doing everything she can to protect our amazing country for the next generation.

British Telecom
The Back 9 Show
Golf Show presenter
Gulliver’s Travels TV Promo
Twentieth Century Fox Presenter
Fantastic Mr. Fox
QVC, The Shopping Channel
Kylie meets the Evangelicals
Tastoria Wine
Gecko’s Adventures
Fez Travel

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