Julia Matthews

Julia Matthews
After Dinner Speaker, Blogger, Brand Ambassador, Stylist, TV Presenter, Writer
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Influential health guru, Julia Matthews, co-owns the popular sister duo lifestyle blog Julia & Libby.

As an accomplished author with a passion for all things food and healthy living - Julia is also a prolific entrepreneur, lifestyle influencer and content developer.

Getting outside and active, while nourishing herself with whole foods, is what she lives for. After educating herself in the field of nutrition, Julia has built a career around what a body really needs to run optimally.

Along with her sister Libby, the pair launched foodie-heaven in the form of Facebook and Instagram pages, intended as a way to share their favourite kitchen creations with their close friends and family. They quickly gained traction, and saw their following soar to well over 100,000 fans in a very short space of time.

A few years on, and their influence both individually and as a power couple has grown expontentially - leading to a range of opportunities, including becoming authors of two hugely successful cookbooks. All of their recipes are centered around the ethos of being free of refined sugar, and most are dairy free, gluten free and vegan.

In 2016, they released their first book with Penguin Random House, called Julia and Libby’s Wholefood Kitchen. 2018 has seen the launch of their popular self-published book, Nourished.

An entrepreneur by nature, Julia is constantly thinking about ways to improve their end product. Julia has recently embarked on a new venture with her sister, launching the much acclaimed protein powder brand Two Islands Co.

Auckland-based, this very skilled and experienced content creator is an asset to any campaign.

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