Jess Blair

Jess Blair
Blogger, Keynote Speaker, Panelist, Presenter, Speaker, Writer
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As a speaker, clinical nutritionist, naturopath, content creator and former bodybuilder, Jess Blair knows all about the challenges that come with juggling a healthy lifestyle and busy family life.

As an expert in adrenal fatigue and pre- and post-conception nutrition, Jess prides herself on educating her clients through easy to understand ideas and recipes.

Her clinic has helped scores of women, specialising in fat loss, thyroid and adrenal health, and women's wellness. As a strong advocate for fitness, Jess has spent a number of years as a personal trainer.

Jess and her husband, Rugby League legend Adam Blair, have recently relocated to New Zealand from Australia with their two young sons, Harlem & Taika. She uses her influence to inspire others with practical healthy tips to achieving the level of balance we're all craving.

As a proficient and engaging speaker, she shares insightful knowledge about the link between happiness, serotonin levels - and diet. She's a firm believer that health shouldn't be defined by numbers on a scale - and believes in empowering women with tools and tips for success.

Jess is frequently featured in magazines, websites, television and radio shows - sharing her knowledge and wisdom with the broader audience. She has recently appeared in Now to Love, Australia’s Channel Ten, and popular wellness websites Body & Soul and Sporte Luxe. She’s also the resident expert for GeorgeFM and Oxygen mag.

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