Hannah McQueen

Hannah McQueen
After Dinner Speaker, Business Speaker, TV Presenter, Writer
Adventure, Art, Business, Economy and Finance, Health and Lifestyle, Inspirational, Motivational, Travel

Hannah is the Founder and Director of enableMe NZ Ltd. A Chartered Accountant, with degrees in both Commerce (Accounting and Management) and Taxation (Masters of Taxation Studies with Honours), she has worked in the Business and Accounting industry since 2001 and was voted 2008 NZ Young Accountant of the Year (Northern Region).

Initially driven by motivation to reduce personal interest costs, Hannah incorporated her mortgage, accounting and taxation background to develop a method to achieve significant interest savings. Taking the success of her personal situation, coupled with much brain-storming, development, and support from other experts in their field, a vision was created. That vision has taken the form of enableMe which to date has helped over 4000 people take control of their finances. Hannah very aptly describes herself as a Financial Personal Trainer .

She is the author of bestselling book: ‘The Perfect Balance - how to live a life you enjoy and still get ahead’ and is a regular guest on Breakfast, Radio Live, Fair Go and a commentator for many publications. Her straightforward and engaging style has seen her regularly speak at corporate events and has firmly cemented her place as NZ’s leading expert on personal finance.
Hannah is a working mum with two young children and loves to travel.

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