Dave Havili

Dave Havili
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A Southland man through and through, Motueka local Dave Havili grew up dreaming of becoming an All Black.

Fast forward a few years, and the young back has made his dreams come true, earning his first cap as an All Black at just 22 years old.

Dave’s Instagram page has grown significantly since he made his debut as an All Black in 2017. His page shares his outdoorsy nature, sharing his adventures on and off the pitch. Dave has great engagement - consistently reaching more than 10% per post.

A man of many talents, Dave is also a qualified builder and experienced boatie, holding his skippers licence. Exuding friendliness and approachability, he’s an honest and friendly type of guy.

Handsome Dave is of Pakeha and Tongan descent - and it’s easy to see why he finds himself at the receiving end of lots of female attention. But at heart he is a real family man – boasting having the proudest Mum in the world.

Beginning his career feeling quite shy, as Dave’s successes have progressed so has his confidence. His inspiring story of small-town tradie turned All Black resonates with a lot of Kiwis – showing that hard work certainly can pay off.

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