Claire Robbie

Claire Robbie
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Claire Robbie has spent the last few years amassing some impressive experience - from TV journalist to Hollywood event planner, gypsy to yoga teacher. Now she finds herself as the Chief Wellness Officer at the world’s first one-stop-wellness centre franchises, Claire has seen her fair share of highs, lows - and everything in between.

After leaving her job as a news reporter on TV’s nightline Claire left NZ shores for the lights of Los Angeles, where she hoped to become a war correspondent for CNN, or something close. The stars didn't quite align, and she worked through some tabloid publishing until she landed a job at one of LA’s top boutique hotels. As the hotel Event and PR director she worked with LA’s finest actors like Penelope Cruz, Kevin Spacey, Javier Bardem. After a couple of years of 16-hour days, and no weekends, this fast paced workload took its toll and Claire found herself a bit burnt out and wanting more out of life.

From there Claire left the famed Hollywood world, as she sought to find what else was out there. Shortly after she became a qualified yoga teacher - a decision that she’s never looked back on, and something she credits with transforming her mind, body and soul.

After training with some of the world’s leading yoga and meditation teachers Claire started her own wellness tourism business, Jack & Olive Retreats, hosting healthy holidays in beautiful places. From there she traveled the world with her young son, Jack, filming a documentary series ‘Million Ways to Live’. A well traveled young man - Jack boasted an impressive number of passport stamps - 22 stamps before he was 16 months old!

At the end of 2015 Claire moved back to NZ to open Wake Up, the world’s first ever one-stop-holistic wellness and event centre. She’s in charge of creating a leading wellness team of teachers, healers, lifestyle and health experts. Claire’s goal is to inspire people, especially women - and even more so mothers - to dream big, take action and not let things like pregnancy, toddlers and life to get in the way of being awesome because all those things are awesome.

When Claire’s not teaching yoga, running retreats, learning more stuff or keeping Wake Up running, she spends time with Jack, attempts to surf and also to put into practice the meditative and relaxing tools she teaches in .

Presentation Topics:
- Yoga – for Stress Management, Health Benefits, How to Start, Yoga for Beginners, Yoga for Mums, Yoga for Everyone.
- Yoga history, philosophy, basic poses and foundational yoga
- How to stop the busy-ness
- Meditation for beginners
- Meditation for Stress
- The Working Mum Juggle
- Mind, Body, Spirit Alignment – the importance of balance
- Being a Mum and an Entrepreneur
- Women’s Wellness

At Kit and Ace we were lucky enough to have the beautiful Claire Robbie as the guest speaker for our first Speaker Series in New Zealand. What Claire offered that morning, drew in, captivated, and inspired every person in the room. Claire is authentic, open, and has a calming effect on people – when she is around you know everything is going to be ok. Claire thank you for contributing your precious time and sharing your passion for mindfulness. It really was something special and we thank you for that.
Anna Strand

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