Chrystal Chenery

Chrystal Chenery
Blogger, Brand Ambassador, Model, Television Personality
Blogging, Celebrity, Fashion, Fitness, Health and Lifestyle, Meditation/mindfulness, Motivational, Social Media, Travel

The beautiful yoga enthusiast Chrystal Chenery has a passion for healthy living, leading a holistic lifestyle. She takes pride in looking after her body with nourishing wholefoods and regular exercise.

She prioritizes balance in life, and is outspoken about health, family and love - she is a true inspiration for her followers. With an engaged audience of over 50,000, she uses her platforms to communicate about important issues - such as self esteem, how to handle criticism online and how to be a confident self assured woman. Her positive and supportive role on social media has helped many young woman with accepting their true selves.

Chrystal loves visiting new and exciting places around the globe. Attracted to the exotic things in life, she has traveled to more than 75 countries - one of her highlights was teaching yoga on a private yacht! Chrystal continues to grow as a yoga instructor and beauty/massage therapist at TRUE food and Yoga Auckland.

As a contestant on The Bachelor (NZ) and Dancing with the stars in 2015, being a TV sensation has taught Chrystal the vital traits of resilience and self-confidence. As a finalist in Dancing with the Stars, Chrystal supported a Christchurch-based charity, the Home and Family Society. She continues to support them as an official ambassador.

A fur Mama, Chrystal is obsessed with her French Bulldog, Bruce - who even has his own Instagram following. Chrystal creates genuine and engaging content that resonates with her following, delivering strong results for the campaigns she participates in.

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