Christina Macpherson

Christina Macpherson
Blogger, Brand Ambassador, Model, Presenter, Writer
Adventure, Art, Blogging, Fashion, Fitness, Food and Wine, Health and Lifestyle, Photography

The multi-talented Christina Macpherson is as enigmatic as she is beautiful.

A wearer of many different hats, Christina is a writer, model, artist and traveller.

Her love of travel is as genuine as it gets. After spending her childhood years growing up across Samoa, Fiji, England and Australia - it's little wonder she finds herself with itchy feet in adulthood.

A talented freelance travel writer, Christina is living her dream. Exploring the world, experiencing different people, places and cultures; and capturing stunning moments along the way.

Christina's popular Instagram presence serves as a visual diary of sorts, documenting dreamy days spent smiling in beautiful places.

Approaching a brief with her unique and original lens, Christina's passion for producing quality, creative content is a testament to her work ethic and high standards - making her a pleasure to work with and a real asset to a campaign.

Hardworking and imaginative, she credits her open-mindedness and adaptability to her transient lifestyle.

Filling her days with happiness, she spends her spare time enjoying nature, reading and playing the drums. Driven by her love of fashion and photography, Christina is constantly finding new ways to refine and hone her craft.

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