Carlos Ulberg

Carlos Ulberg
Professional Sports Person
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Caros "Mr Marvelous" Ulberg is a force to be reckoned with. The boxer, kickboxer and mixed martial artist is one of New Zealand's leading fighters - and his commercial appeal is hard to miss.

Featuring as a model and ambassador for many top brands both here and internationally, Carlos has also had extensive television exposure - both for his skills in the ring, and winning personality.

Currently holding the trans-Tasman heavyweight champion title of King in the Ring, he's set his sights on heading into the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) - the biggest stage in the combat world.

Carlos is signed under one of the largest kickboxing circuits in Asia, EMLegend. A crowd favourite, he enjoys representing Aotearoa to stadiums packed with thousands, and broadcast to millions.

As familiar in front of the camera as he is in the ring, Carlos has hosted and appeared on many TV shows - including Game of Bros and Mr. Lavalava. His celebrity status has made him a favourite amongst the club appearances circuit, attending many pop-up and meet-and-greet events in NZ, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

Someone who loves to give back, Carlos formed an award-winning charitable trust in 2014, providing mentoring for young children at risk.

In his spare time, he enjoys basketball, hiking outdoors, art and music. He's also a qualified personal trainer, specialising in combat and kickboxing/boxing techniques.

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