Abby Plested

Abby Plested
Blogger, Brand Ambassador, Stylist
Blogging, Fashion, Food and Wine, Inspirational, Social Media, Travel

Effortlessly stylish Abby Plested is a natural trend setter. Her artistic flair, coupled with her warm personality, has quickly attracted a genuine and connected audience.

Abby is open and authentic with her social content. She draws strength from life's many challenges, turning her experience of becoming a young mum into a story of resilience and growth.

She shares all this on her blog Honey We Are More. Her vision for her blog is to create a safe space for women to visit and feel encouraged. It's also where she enjoys posting style inspiration for all things fashion, beauty and interiors.

Abby's talents enable her to produce unique and original content for the campaigns she's involved in, generating lasting impressions.

A natural-born ‘it’ girl, Abby has a really high levels of engagement on her blog and Instagram pages. Because of this, she’s found herself in demand as a brand ambassador. Creating authentic content comes easily to Abby, and she’s talented at making it subtle and natural.

Abby is frequently asked by her following to share her favourite products, places and recommendations. Her advice is always taken very seriously - especially when it comes to beauty, parenting and fashion!

She’s made herself accessible to her following by ensuring frequent Live broadcasts, answering direct messages and comments on her feed. This has cemented their connection, and many fans regard Abby as a real friend and inspiration.

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